Toddler Unit (2-3 years)


Ratio: 1 adult to 4 children

The Toddler Room provides children with a warm welcoming environment with areas that provide opportunities to explore and develop socially, emotionally and physically.

The Toddler Unit has experienced staff with sound knowledge of toddler behaviour and development and are always on hand with advice during this tricky transitional stage, when a mixture of fun, compassion and an gentle introduction to boundaries are essential. We are able to support parents during your child’s potty training with advice and strategies to help you both at home and in Nursery.

Children are encouraged to access resources independently and also join in with staff initiated experiences that build on the child’s current interests and developmental stage in accordance with the EYFS framework.

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Experiences provided may include:

  • Sand and water play
  • Gloop
  • Music and Movement
  • Small world toys
  • Role Play/Home corner
  • Stories and singing
  • Cooking

The Toddler children access the outdoor area daily, we have all in one weather proof suits for when it’s a bit wet or windy!