Ratio 1 adult to 8 children

The Pre-School unit is large, airy and welcoming space with areas for the children to explore and interact with their peers.

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The Pre-School Unit is lead by our professional and experienced staff who understand the importance of encouraging learning and providing opportunities for children to develop holistically in preparation for school.

The Unit is run and planning and assessments are overseen by the Room leader who is qualified to degree level with a BA Ed (hons).

The Pre-School staff provide experiences and opportunities for that link effectively within the criteria of the EYFS framework enabling children to reach their full learning potential and independence, through play related activities.

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The Pre-school use a mixture of child and adult initiated activities throughout the day, along with a routine that promotes individual learning and school readiness.

Children enjoy activities that promote:

  • Art and creativity
  • Communication and language
  • Number
  • Listening skills and turn taking
  • Mark Making and Pre-reading

Children access the garden as much as possible and enjoy using the outside classroom to play and interact with their peers.